Sci fi Cyberpunk Action Girl Adrestia-Rigged – Extended License

Sci-fi Cyberpunk Action Girl Adrestia who is Humaniod/Augmented Human. Included Two different primary weapon and a dual-arm secondary weapon with a holster and armor. Character is rigged and properly skinned for using in Game engines. Made using Blender. Also exported to Unreal Engine and Unity. Both packages are Provided. Provided the Blend File to export to Game Engine with your own mesh or texture combo. Images Rendered in Cycles. Hair rendered with a Subdivision surface modifier.

Total 10 meshes. Hair, Body, Upper Armor, Lower Armor, Holster, Cloth, 4 weapons. A laser added with no texture, only internal blender shader. Parts of the body invisible under cloth are removed for better game engine optimization.
Meshes have Clean Quad dominent, non-overlaping UV wrapped topology for using Subdivision in offline rendering and texture control.
Total mesh resolution: 68050 Polys / 68663 Verts/ 129359 Tris. 61309 Quad faces, 6741 Triangle faces. Quad-Tris Ratio 90.1%.

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_____PBR Textures_________
All Character mesh have its own textureset for customization. All texture set contains Diffuse map (Some with Alpha Channel for Transparency), Ambient Occlusion Map, Metallic Map, Roughness Map, Specularity Map, Normal Map. Some mesh also contains Emission Map, Subsurface Map (Body). Hair mesh have 4 different colored map, along with Root, Tangent, Opacity, Random ID, Depth Map. Texture resolutions are 512px to 4K px, size optimized for speed. Format is PNG.

_____FBX Format___________
Lowpoly Character and Weapons separately Exported in FBX Format for Unity and Unreal Engine FBX format. Character rig compatible for using Unity 5 Humanoid Rig and Unreal 4 Mannequin Rig. It includes Facial Rigs.

_____Blender Package______
Rigged A-pose Lowpoly Character + Weapons in Blender 2.83. Clean Topology and Skined detailed PBR textures and Clean profesional UV layout. For offline rendering Subdivision can be added on Body and Clothes. Includes a demo Animation.

_____Unity3D Package________
Character and each weapons separately exported to Unity with model+textures+materials Humanoid Rig in Unity which is working perfectly. Color+Opacity+Metallic/Specular+Smootheness+Normal+Ambient Occlusion has been set up. Packed into unity package.

_____Unreal Engine Package_______
Character exported to UE 4.25 as character and each weapons separately. Retargatable in Mannequin Rig. You can use exported FBX files (included) for importing to UE. In the preview video i show the character animated in UE. For this purpose i was using free downloadable Animation Starter Pack from UE Store which shows that character can handle mannequin animations. Asset migrated to .Uasset files.

Its my first rigged, textured, character design for sale. Hope you like it and don’t forget to give your feedback.

Blender, UNREAL Game Engine, UNITY, FBX Format

Stand Alone Figures for Poser and Daz Studio—extended-license/143462



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