Sci-Fi Starship Quarters Volume 2


When your crew member becomes tired from working all day onboard a starship. They need someplace to rest their heads. Introducing the Sci-Fi Starship Quarters prop.

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The Sci-Fi Starship Quarters prop comes with a starship interior room, fully equipped with a bed with animatable covers, a generating station, a computer, desk, and chair for studying or just internet surfing, a shower, toilet, and sink.

Also, you get 4 book props with 2 different textures for each making a total of 8 different books, a Sci-Fi sphere object, and a cup for drinking with, as well as a Sci-Fi filler object as a barrel.

Included are 3 presets for bed cover texture, 4 presets for floor rug texture, 4 presets for wall picture and 2 presets for cup texture. Plus 175 texture, height, roughness, and normal maps.

Also included are 2 HDRI maps of planets so you can have a great view of outer space from your bedroom window.








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