SCRIPTING EXPOSED Phrase-Maker Utilities, The Uncensored Daz Script Source Code

This product includes the complete uncensored code for the thirty-one (31) utility scripts from the Phrase-Maker projects. Executable code does not require a “properly formatted look and feel”, so with the exception of the added licensing terms, these scripting files have not been modified for presentation purposes and are revealed exactly as originally published. The code is provided in .DSA format as originally written so that it can be read and modified to further your experience with Daz Script.

It is not the intent of this package to teach the basics of Daz Script or advanced programming techniques. The code is not fully commented so a basic understanding of programming concepts is required to interpret and analyze the code in these scripts. This product includes advanced scripting techniques that may not be suitable for beginners and programmers inexperienced with Daz Script. You will discover advanced techniques used to create popup menus with slider controls and radio buttons, and how to access and manipulate nodes in the scene using translate and rotate.

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This product is intended for Educational Purposes only to advance your experience and knowledge of the Daz Scripting language. The scripting code revealed in this product is not a Merchant Resource. This product is not to be used as the basis for new Daz Script utilities, but has been made available for purchase in hopes that it might inspire other Daz Studio users with the potential to create other great Daz Studio applications using Daz Script.

This package consists of a Quick Reference Guide in PDF format, and the following Thirty-One (31) Uncensored DSA daz script files.

Align Center: Align The Props From Center Along Floor
Align Center ( ): Adjust Props From Center Along Floor
Align Right: Align The Props To Right Along Floor
Align Right ( ): Adjust Props To Right Along Floor
Arch Way: Arrange Props In Arch pattern
Bowl Curve: Arrange Props To Curvature Of Bowl Shape
Circle Flat: Arrange Props In Circle On Floor
Circle Wall: Arrange Props In Circle Vertically
Color Me: Add Color To Multiple Props Simultaneously
Concave: Arrange Props In Concave Formation
Convex: Arrange Props In Convex Formation
Door Frame: Position Props In The Shape Of A Door Frame
Double Vision: Hides Edge Of Props
Face Off: Hides Face Surface Of Props
Funky Wrap: Position Props In A Warped Arch Shape
Group Chars: Create Named Group From Selected Props
Hollow Man: Hides Face And Rear Of Props
Reset Chars: Reset Props To Zero Position
Smile: Form A Smile Shape With Props
Stack Down: Stack The Props Vertically Downward
Stack Down ( ): Adjust Prop Stacking Downward
Stack Up: Stack The Props Vertically Upward
Stack Up ( ): Adjust Prop Stacking Upward
Step Down: Staircase Prop Positions Downward
Step Down ( ): Adjust Prop Positions Downward
Step Up: Staircase Prop Positions Upward
Step Up ( ): Adjust Prop Positions Upward
Tilt: Tilt Props To Left Or Right
Topple: Lean Props Forward Or Backwards
Twist: Spin Props Around In A Circle
Wave: Form Various Wave Patterns With Props

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