Scythian Archers for Genesis 3 and 8


For nearly two millenia, periodic waves of mounted archers from the asian steppes terrorized the established civilzatons of East and West. These outfits are inspired by the first of these nomads, the Scythians of the early Iron Age. Appropriate for either historic or fantasy renders, these outfits are generic enough to be used by any mounted light archers.

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Outfits and poses for male and female are provided for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 figures. A lower body pose to position the legs for riding is included, tested with the Daz Horse 2, and the Hivewire Horse. There is no separate horse model included in this product.

Tunic, trousers, leather vest and headgear have multiple color options, as does the gorytos, the combination quiver/bow carrier used by these nomads. Poses for bow ready, bow aimed forward, and bow aimed back (the Scythians and their successors were notorious for shooting backwards as they rode away… history’s first recorded ‘parting shot!’) These poses are also provided in upper body only for mixing with the riding lower body pose, or with other poses.

Textures are designed for iRay but will also render with 3Delight.








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