Seductive Swimwear 02

Seductive Swimwear 02 is another sexy swimsuit for Genesis 8 Female. There are many adjustment morphs to help fit the swimsuit. Effects morphs for more elegant morphing of the swimwear. There is an included pressure morph for a tighter yet sexy fit. A bonus stocking has been added for more sexy looks. Finally, there are 06 included poses and a reset pose. The 5th and 6th poses work with the included effects morphs.

Product Includes
01 Seductive Swimwear 02
01 Seductive Swimwear 02 Stockings

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08 Material Style Presets Seductive Swimwear 02 Top for Genesis 8 Female
21 Material Style Presets for Stocking Main and Trim
06 Material Style Utility Presets for Stocking
21 Material Style Presets for Swimwear, Stripe 01, Stripe 02, and Collar

06 Poses for Genesis 8 Female
01 Pose Reset for Genesis 8 Female

Adjustment Morphs
Adjust_Arms Back.dsf
Adjust_Arms Bottom.dsf
Adjust_Arms Top.dsf
Adjust_Back Middle.dsf
Adjust_Breasts 01.dsf
Adjust_Breasts 02.dsf
Adjust_Breasts Center.dsf
Adjust_Collar Back.dsf
Adjust_Collar Front.dsf
Adjust_Collar Sides.dsf
Adjust_Sides Bottom.dsf
Adjust_Strap Back.dsf
Adjust_Strap Bottom.dsf
Adjust_Strap Buttocks.dsf
Adjust_Strap Front.dsf
Adjust_Strap Pelvis.dsf
Adjust_Upper Chest.dsf

Effects Morphs
Strap Back Pull L.dsf
Strap Back Pull R.dsf
Strap Back Pull.dsf
Strap Bottom Reveal L.dsf
Strap Bottom Reveal R.dsf
Strap Front Pull L.dsf
Strap Front Pull R.dsf
Strap Front Pull.dsf
Strap Middle L.dsf
Strap Middle R.dsf
Breasts L Reveal.dsf
Breasts R Reveal.dsf
Breasts Reveal.dsf

Supported Shapes
Karyssa 8
Kaylee 8
Mika 8
Sakura 8
Aiko 8
Girl 8
Kanade 8
Mei Lin 8
Teen Jane 8
Teen Josie 8
Victoria 8

Bodybuilder Size
Body Size
Body Tone
Pear Figure

Other shapes are supported through auto follow in Daz Studio.

For a more detailed list of included items check the file.

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DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio



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