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Shiny Abstract Metal Iray Shaders

This set consists out of a patterned metallic surface in various colours. 25 Patterns have metallic maps and 25 patterns are without metallic maps. Included are 15 top coat colours that can be applied to both but works better with the Metallic Maps. These top coat colours will give a completely different look to the shaders.Mix and match with the top coat colours to create a large variety of different shaders.

Tiling presets are included. The default is set at 6. Included is the default Bump strength setting and at 8.

What is included?

– 25 Shiny Abstract Metal Iray Shaders (without metallic maps);
– 25 Shiny Abstract Metal Iray Shaders (with metallic maps);
– 7 Tiling Utility settings. (Default is at 6 but it can be changed as you see fit.)
– Maps: Diffuse, Bump and Metallic.
– Seamless textures including the texture maps at 1024×1024.

High quality textures have been used to create these shaders.

How to use the shaders?

Select the surface and apply the presets from the folders.

How to use the Merchant Resource?

This product can be used for both personal and commercial projects. When using this MR to create new products, your “Readme” file should name this product clearly. Please read the “Readme” file for further instructions.

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