Silas 8 Pro Bundle


Smooth and sexy, attitude and charm are just some of the words to describe Silas 8. He represents the confidence and drive of the modern spotlight performer. With Silas, every fashion choice is a statement and every move is decisive.

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The starter bundle shows Silas as a cool-under-fire sleuth detective, or strong and determined at the gym. His Afro Fade hair is eye-catching and stylish, and perfectly fits the current trends.

Take Silas to a whole new frontier with the Pro Bundle. Explore endless possibilities with the Elite Commander outfit, or relax with the Party Oahu outfit. His dForce hairstyle will move with you as this adventurous bundle helps bring Silas into a whole new world of possibilities.

Silas 8 measurements courtesy ofΒ Measure Metrics for Daz Studio:

  • Height: 6′ 4″ (165.3 cm)
  • Chest Circumference: 42.6″ (108.3 cm)
  • Waist Circumference: 35.1″ (89.2 cm)
  • Hip Circumference: 38.9″ (98.8 cm)








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