SimTenero Particle Physics – The Complete Bundle


SimTenero Particle Physics is a colliding, mesh particle physics engine for Daz Studio 4.9 and up!

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From mystical pops and fizzles to relentless driving rain, The Complete Bundle equips you with a massive collection of resources to transform your most brilliant ideas into your most spectacular animations!

With The Complete Bundle, you’ll gain access to the SimTenero Core Engine, along with its suite of emitters, shapes, and materials. You’ll also receive 3 full emitter packs, Magic, Stars, and Water. That’s 20 Emitters, 10 Particle Shape, 35 Iray Materials, and 35 3Delight Materials! Combine those with SimTenero Particle Physics’ powerful animation and collision options, and you’ll find yourself in a world of particle possibilities!

Check out these videos of the 20 Emitter’s you’ll have at your disposal with The Complete Bundle!








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