Single Home 02


This simplified Queen Ann home has been crafted with system resources in mind.

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The house is 7,051 Quad Polygons so adding multiples houses will not be hard on your computer. May be used on it’s own as well.

This Home includes, basket ball hoop, Basket ball Street Lamp, Power Pole with wire, Mailbox with working Door and Flag, Gutter Drain, and Fire Hydrant.

This set also includes it’s own unique 100′ wide lot that comes with both a simple low poly lawn and an optional lawn with modeled grass blades. The modeled grass covers the whole lot and has a height adjustment for the grass so that it can go from fresh cut to overgrown.

For spots where you need a more dense lawn, there are additional patches of grass in a variety of sizes that can be added or used on their own. The Grass Patches have a plane at the bottom of the grass that you can hide or show.

The house is made more flexible by the many hide show poses and material options included in the set.

You can have thousands of different homes by changing materials or using the included shader presets which are broken down into sets for the roof, different types of siding and colors. The home has multiple material zones so that you have more options to make each one unique.

Taking the house from a day to night look is as easy as clicking an icon that will turn on all the lights at once for you.

There is also an icon to turn them off as well. Sliders let you rotate the antenna and the smoke so that you get just the look you want. There are also options to hide or show them.

Because it can be daunting to create a neighborhood, there are many pose presets to move the Lot up and down the street.

There is a β€œMake a Road” preset that will create a whole road of homes for you all at once, with the Lot without the Modeled Grass.








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