Sporty for Everyday 2


This add-on offers a dynamic, sporty twist for Everyday 2. Stylish sporty clothes are all the rage now, whether one just wants to support their team in a cool shirt (or maybe that’s the team uniform!) or get active in any way, from running to yoga or even just go shopping! The Futuristic city style offers a more sci-fi focused take on the clothes that could easily be worn inside a space-station or in a high-tech, new age gym.

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All styles were carefully thought-out and curated in every detail. The textures are PBR and extremely realistic both from a distance and up close. Of course these mix and match great with any of the base included styles, giving them a more sporty flair or mixed with anything you come with using the Customize add-on (easily matching the colors included here).
Everyday 2 becomes even more versatile and useful, making it a staple you can use in any image you want to create!








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