Stretch Morphs for Genesis 8 Male

Stretch Morphs for Genesis 8 Male is a morph pack for extra stretch body elements, 22 morphs in total please see promo.If you like superheroes as Mr.Fantastic Marvel comic this set can be a good start, but keep in mind G8 has only natural human amount of bones inside limbs and limited geometry for bending tools 🙂 Hope you enjoy.
Stretch Carpal 1 L.dsf
Stretch Carpal 1 R.dsf
Stretch Carpal 2 L.dsf
Stretch Carpal 2 R.dsf
Stretch Carpal 3 L.dsf
Stretch Carpal 3 R.dsf
Stretch Carpal 4 L.dsf
Stretch Carpal 4 R.dsf
Stretch Foot L.dsf
Stretch Foot R.dsf
Stretch L Arm.dsf
Stretch L Forearm.dsf
Stretch L Hand.dsf
Stretch L Thumb.dsf
Stretch R Arm.dsf
Stretch R Forearm.dsf
Stretch R Hand.dsf
Stretch R Thumb.dsf
Stretch Tibia L.dsf
Stretch Tibia R.dsf
StretchThigh L.dsf
StretchThigh R.dsf

IMPORTANT NOTE!!! All pushed to extreme limits so may not be compatible with pose packs, most probably poses will need some adjustments. Morphs not symmetrical only similar.

Try Bluehost its fast

DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Male

Requirements:  DAZ Studio 4.9 and above, Poser not tested

3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio



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