Succubus for Dawn

There’s a legend… which says there is a supernatural entity who takes a form of a woman in order to seduce men. She is called Succubus.. and she is the new creature for Dawn! Succubus comes with regional morphs, custom textures and more!

What’s Included & Features:

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>Full Characters (.duf)
Succubus – Four Horns (a mix of Side Horns and Front Horns)
Succubus – Front Horns
Succubus – No Horns
Succubus – Side Horn

>Morphs (.duf)
Head Morphs:
Front Horn Morph (prepares face for front horns but does not change Dawn’s face otherwise)
Side Horn Morph (applies face morph and prepares face for side horns)
Succubus’s Face (applies face morph)
Body Morphs
Tail Morph
Torso Morph
Face Morphs
Teeth Morph
Tongue Morph
Arm and Hand Morphs
Arm Morph
Nail Morph
Leg Morph

>Horns (.duf)
Left Front Horn
Left Side Horn
Right Front Horn
Right Side Horn

>Materials (.duf)
Body Textures
!No Tattoos
Arms Normal
Arms Tattoo
Face Burned
Face Normal
Face Tattoo
Hip Normal
Hip Tattoo
Legs Normal
Legs Tattoo
Torso Normal
Torso Tattoo
Eye Textures

>Poses (.duf)
2 Poses

> Succubus’s back tattoo is added to the templates’s folder on Hi-Res so you can use it too!

Daz Studio 4

Compatible figures: Dawn – Dawn S.E.

Required Products:  
Dawn Special Edition Community Bundle

Characters for Poser and Daz Studio



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