Sunless for Genesis 8 Female(s)


Get more versatility out of your current Genesis 8 Females.  Lighten them up and remove that tan.

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Sunless for Genesis 8 Females is a comprehensive material set up for Iray.  You will need to own the original Daz figures for these to work.

Sunless combines new material set ups along with physical color adjustments done to the textures themselves. Chromatic and Mono options included.

Sunless also includes an ultra normal option that truly brings out an hd look all while keeping stronger areas like elbows, and knees in check.

Sunless provides LIE versions of all makeup options – allowing the user to see the makeup in the viewport,  allowing the makeups to blend more softly into the skin, and adding greater versatility across figures.

Sunless includes both default and high bump options.

Sunless provides material set ups for the following figures:

Alexandra 8

Charlotte 8

Eva 8

Gia 8

Mei Lin 8

Olympia 8

Stephanie 8

Teen Kaylee 8

Victoria 8

Zelara 8









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