SV Daz Studio Iray Lighting Tutorial


The 15th Official Tutorial by Sveva…

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This tutorial focuses completely on Daz Studio Iray Lighting!

With this tutorial I walk you through setting up DS Iray Lights, creating your own lighting, usind HDRI’s, saving your own lights, editing light sets, positioning lights, I even touch on Sun/Sky lighting!

10 Main Points, after this tutorial you will be able to:

1) Create your very own lights and light sets
2) Adjust lighting to your own needs
3) Save your own lights/partial lights including rim lights
4) Learn about all the different settings I use to create my light sets for sale
5) Learn about the Light Tab in DS and how to use it
6) Learn how to adjust an HDR Image to suit your renders
7) Learn about various settings in the Environment tab in Render Settings
8) Learn how I parent my own lights and set them up in the Scene Tab
9) Learn how to move/rotate/create rim lights & add them to your scene
10) Tips & Tricks to make using Daz Studio Iray Lighting easier!


– 40 Page Full Color Tutorial in PDF Format
– 40 Page Full Color Tutorial in DOC Format

– Both Tutorials are the same, but different formats
– Both Tutorials include over 35 Screen shots so you can follow along and easily locate settings

– 01 Daz Iray 3 Point Light Set Up (this is a Merchant Resource you can use to build other lights on)
– 01 HDR Image (this image is not a resource but may be used as a study)
– 04 HDRI Settings (Default, Low, Medium, High)
– Ground Shadows On/Off
– Dome On/Off Setting
– Bloom Filter Setting On/Off (this can also be used to create your own Bloom Settings)
– 03 Render Settings (Fast/Medium/Slow) (the slower settings are higher quality render settings)
– 01 Reset Render Settings Utility








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