SV Luminosity Lighting Set 01


SV Luminosity Lighting Set 01

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– This is mainly a set of HDR Images as the main source of lighting for your Daz Studio Renders

– 25 HDR Images
– 06 Spot Lights (2 Key Lights, 2 Fill Lights, 2 Back Lights (left/right))
– 30 Colorful Rim Lights

– The included lights are meant as complimentary to the HDR Images, the HDR Images are the main lighting source for this set
– You can add as many additional lights as you like, tips for ease of use are included in the library

– 12 HDRI/Dome Rotation Settings Reset (or you can rotate manually)
– 08 HDRI Intensity Settings Reset

– HeadLamp OFF Setting
– 02 Dome Utility Options ON/OFF
– 05 Iray Bloom Settings
– 03 Render Settings (Fast, Medium, Slow)
– 02 Ground Settings (ON/OFF)
– 02 Lighting Blur Settings (ON/OFF)
– 03 Highlight Settings
– 03 Vignetting Settings








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