SY A Big Mess for Genesis 8


It’s time to get dirty!

Try Bluehost its fast

With this set you get mud, soot, blood, and water/sweat on fast-loading geoshells for Genesis 8 Female and Genesis 8 Male. They are set up to already layer with each other on loading. LIE tiles are included to add matching blood, mud or soot to your characters’ clothes and hair – no more clean outfits on dirty characters!

Whereas other sets on the market are great for adding small stains or spots to your characters, this set aims to enable layered, customizable full-body dirt and filth. Each set comes with a full-body geoshell option for fullest coverage, crossing all seams, but also comes with a different and lower-coverage option so that you can put crud on just one body area as needed.

It’s easy – just select your figure, click the desired geoshells from Anatomy, and you’re ready to go. You can dirty up your clothes and hair by selecting material zones of those items and clicking the LIE presets from the very same folder for easy access. Anatomical Elements for both sexes are supported with their own geoshell setups.

Genesis 8 is dirtier than ever with these easy-to-use muck geoshells!








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