SY Shackled! 2 Genesis 8


SY Shackled! 2 Genesis 8 contains chain restraint props and poses for Genesis 8! This set does not requires the first Shackled! set to work, containing the shackle and chain props and their materials as well, but it also adds a full dungeon room (made from modular walls/floor/ceiling pieces you can reuse), a new altar, a water piece, and a socket as an alternative to the hook for something for chains to emerge from.

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The set has entirely new poses and wearables presets for more situations of peril for your characters! You can depict your monster chained to the floor, a prisoner hanging from the wall waiting to be interrogated, a sacrifice bound to the altar, and many more!

Basic lights are included with the dungeon scene subsets, but they’re not super bright to allow for figure-highlighting spots.








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