SYMPLE ART for Windows, Drawing Fun for Everyone

Symple Art allows users to create symmetrical designs either by themselves or imprinted onto existing graphics images. Quickly/easily create your own graphics patterns using mirrored, horizontal or vertical symmetry. The default canvas size for Symple Art is 512×512 which should be adequate for most artwork/design projects. You can increase the size as required for new projects, but all drawing that takes place is restricted to the viewable canvas area. Do it for yourself, do it for the business, or do it for the kids!

* Versatile Drawing Modes
β—¦ – Free Hand
β—¦ – Mirror Vertical
β—¦ – Mirror Horizontal
β—¦ – Mirror Quad
* Multiple Color Drawing and Size
β—¦ – Use 2 colors from the color palette with changing color
β—¦ – Transparency Mode for Selection and Duplication
β—¦ – User selectable drawing widths for tools
* Assorted Drawing Tools
β—¦ – Pencil, Brush, Selection, Shapes and Eyedropper
β—¦ – Four tips for Brush tool
β—¦ – Selection tool includes flipping, rotation and floating duplication
β—¦ – Shapes tool includes triangle, square, diamond, line, circle and 5-point star
β—¦ – Eyedropper color selector allows repeated use of colors or from loaded images
* Compatibility
β—¦ – Save your artwork as BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF or TIF formats
β—¦ – Use Your artwork with paint programs like The GIMP, Photoshop & MS Paint

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*** See ReadMe file for system requirements. ***

Requirements: Β All Windows Updates and .NET Framework with All Updates

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