The Atlanteans for Genesis 8


Fantasy Races: The Atlanteans for Genesis 8

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From the depths of the ocean comes the legend of the sunken continent of Atlantis and the race of Atlanteans. After the great cataclysm this race of previously surface dwellers learned to adapt to live under the ocean. Mutated through millennia the Atlanteans lungs became more like gills that allow these beings to breathe under water. Their eyes are capable to adapt, extract and create light to allow them to see at the darkest depths of the ocean. And their teeth and nails extend to become lethal weapons when endangered.

This set includes a material preset that turns your texture into the characteristic blue skin color of an Atlantean, a widows peak tattooed hair and strand DForce hair with several morphs that shape your Atlantean blue hair into water floating or natural flowing hair under gravity that can look natural or dried out like seaweed when out of the water. Several morphs that reveal the gills of your Atlantean, so that you can illustrate them expelling from their lungs their oxygen and even animation aniBlocks of their gills in action. A set of strand based eyebrows and shark teeth and extra long nails morphs to reveal their mechanisms of defense and mat poses that transform natural eyes into dark black eyes or incandescent so they can adapt to the changing light conditions of the ocean.

Turn any Genesis 8 character into an Atlantean and immerse your imagination into a fantastic world of under water adventure.








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