The Divide Outfit and Props for Genesis 8 Female(s)


What happens when everything breaks down and the social, political, military and governmental fabric is ripped in two?

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Who do you rely on…who can you rely on? When bands of fringe elements are controlling the streets, when everything has been flipped upside down…when there is absolutely no control being exercised by anyone, anywhere?Β The Divide.

An elite group who has been waiting for such a time, they were your neighbors, your mailman, teachers or doctors… when the rules of the game have fundamentally changed,Β The DivideΒ stands their ground on truth and principles and have drawn their line in the sand.

The Divide Outfit and Props for Genesis 8 Female(s)Β comes with a whole assortment of survival type gear: backpack, knives, gun, ammunition, flannel shirts and hoodies. A variety ofΒ morph adjustment dialsΒ shifts and moves objects, clothing, and props around for you to accommodate your poses and maximize each character’s carrying capacity.








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