The Finest Tears HD for Genesis 8 Female(s)


This product supports 12 female characters of the generation Genesis 8:

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– Base Female
– Aiko 8
– Alexandra 8
– Charlotte 8
– Edie 8
– Grandmother HD
– Monique 8
– Olympia 8
– Penny 8
– Stephanie 8
– Teen Josie 8
– Victoria 8

The product includes 8 options of plentiful tears, 4 options of a lonely tear on the right side of the face and 4 options of a lonely tear at the left. For each above-mentioned character.
Jewelry of a product are unusual trajectories of tears along with traditional. For example, are provided variants when tears stream down the face from right to left and vice versa. It will be very useful in case of work with heroines who cry, having inclined the head on one side, or sob, lying on one side.
The total of morphs of a product: 192.

Mandatory requirement for working with this product:
Genesis 8 Female Eyelashes > Mesh Resolution > Viev SubD Level 4.

The morphs are located in Parameters > Genesis 8 Female Eyelashes > Actor > Head > Face > The Finest Tears HD








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