The Gore Shaders For Daz Studio Iray


The Gore Shaders For Iray is a set of 25 shaders meant to be used with Daz Studio Iray Rendering. There are bloody shaders, creepy shaders, and everything in between. These shaders are perfect gory, Gothic, haunted, and apocalyptic style renderings. Your results will vary depending on the items the shaders are applied to, where the item is placed within the scene, environment settings, render settings, lights used and etc.

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To use these shaders, select your item within your preview pane, go to surface tab and select the surface you want to apply the shader to, and then find the shader you want to use and double click.

No props, lights, figures, render settings, and etc are included in this shader pack.

Each shader consists of 4 maps (texture, bump, normal and reflective map) that measure 800×800 pixels.

In this set there are
25 full gory shaders
10 partial shaders to adjust tiling
and 5 partial shaders to adjust gloss and bump.








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