The Pose Collection for Genesis 8 Female


The Pose Collection 1 is a plethora of poses that includes 20 Standing Poses, 20 Sitting Poses, 20 On The Floor Poses and 20 Dancing Poses, plus the mirror presets and Eye Movements presets.

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The poses are organized according to the type of poses so it is easy to find them from your content library. Each pose was carefully created from photos and actual posing references, particularly the body rotation, bends and leg, and arm natural movements.

We have also included the partial top and bottom poses separately for those who would like to mix and match or to modify the pose presets.

The chair props used for the sitting poses are from the Cozy Dining Room and Hotel Balcony Props, available at the DAZ must own these sets to utilize the chair poses

The possibilities are endless. This is a must-have pose set!








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