The Secrets to Photorealism The PBR Blender 2.8 Workflow


Is there something off about the way your renders look? This course could be your solution.

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With the release of Blender 2.8, there are many options available to artists for rendering. However, most beginners do not understand how to utilize these options to their fullest. Do your materials look flat or monotonous? Here are some reasonsΒ why this course would be great for you…

  • Improve the quality of your renders
  • Create any substance you can imagine in Blender
  • Learn the real difference between Cycles and EEVEE
  • Use sensible render settings to achieve photorealism
  • Gain an overview of all options involved in the render process
  • Learn Blender 2.8’s Node System
  • Know the internet’s greatest resources for image materials

Materials are impressive, and there’s no quicker way to improve your renders then by switching to a full PBRΒ material workflow. This course explains the PBR workflow and how to make sure to get the most out of it. This course assumes basic knowledge of Blender and limited hotkey feeding is given.

Daniel Krafft is a freelance 3D Artist whose skills have been employed in 13 countries and that number is growing. He has two years of experience with Blender, and one other course on Udemy with 4,000 students.

Throughout the course you are encouraged to create your own 3D assets and make your own scene. At the end, it is encouraged of students to take what they learned and make something beautiful with it.







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