The Throne of the Barbarian King

The Throne of the Barbarian King – Updated 2020 now for DS Iray!

*The Poser files have NOT changed, the zip is the same*
*Now Includes a separate zip for DS files*
*Now Includes a separate zip for OBJ files*
*New Materials have been added for DS Iray ONLY*
*New “fire” Props are for DS ONLY but can be imported to Poser*

Try Bluehost its fast

– Props Include –

– Load FULL Scene (this includes all props, + some duplicated for a fully scene!)
– Floor
– Walls
– Ceiling Beam Supports (Left/Right)
– Ceiling Beams
– Columns (Left/Right)
– Throne Platform
– Throne
– 03 Banners (Left/Right/Center – can be moved independently)
– Back Draping
– Large Braziers (Left/Right)
– Hanging Brazier
– Small Brazier
– Large Brazier Fire
– Hanging Brazier Fire
– Small Brazier Fire
– Floor Rug
– Hanging Shield

– Full scene includes some duplicated props for a “fuller” effect, any of these can be moved, duplicated, hidden, deleted etc.
– Fire props have been added for the Braziers (DS only)
– If you have previously purchased this item you can now download the new files for free
– Pls note the Poser files have NOT been updated, and remain the same
– OBJ Zip file included, with this you can import the file OBJ into poser and use the included textures to set them in the poser material room

– Thanks – Sveva & LukeA

Poser 6, Poser 7+, DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio



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