The Wizard’s Wagon

The Wizard’s Wagon Prop Set (updated for DS Iray!)

– This is the wagon of the traveling wizard! Home while on the road. This may have seen better days, but the magic has never been stronger. This is a highly detailed and flexible wagon that can double as a gypsy wagon or home to a traveling troupe of minstrels!

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– Includes

– Pre-Load All Props
– Wagon Base
– 04 Wagon Doors (load separate)
– 02 Wagon Windows (load separate)
– 04 Wagon Shutters (load separate)
– Wagon Chest
– Wagon Lanterns (front/back)
– Wagon Candle
– Wagon Lock
– Wagon Puller
– Wagon Wheels (front/back)
– Wagon Rolled Rug (loads on side)
– Wagon Roof Details (loads as one heap on top)
– Wagon Sign
– Wagon Stairs

– All Shutters & Doors Open/Close with the “OPEN” dial when selecting one of the Shutters or Doors
– Stairs attach to the back and have a dial to raise and lower them
– Materials include option to hide the sign gargoyles and 3 settings for the candle/lantern (default (on), off, and brighter
– Duplicate Lanterns or Candle Lanterns to place around your scene for additional lighting & glow

– This set is fully updated for Daz Studio Iray
– Poser files have NOT been updated and remain the same
– If you previously purchased this product you may now download the new files in your account
– OBJ Files are included

– Wagon & Wagon Props ONLY w/materials & OBJ files

– Lighting is a combo of HDRI/Point Lighting (inside the Wizard Wagon for light)
– Grass/Trees @Daz (Mighty Oak & Blossoming Trees)

– Thanks from Sveva & LukeA

Requirements: Β Poser 5,6,7 or DS 3

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio



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