Treehouse Pose for G8F

Treehouse Poses (For Genesis 8 Female)
required product “Treehouse”

At the end of the 19th century, a young pregnant woman sank on a coast of Africa. In the jungle, the young woman dies giving birth to a little girl. Alone in the jungle, the little girl has grown up.
Dressed in animal skin, today it has a treetop cabin made with the wreck of the boat. As well as a chest and countless objects that she has recovered … But above all she makes a bone cutlass to be able to survive or feed … This could be her story.

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Background, Character, clothes, hair on images are NOT included!

This package contains:
Poses :

Back Platform

TH Pose 00 Level 01 Back.duf
TH Pose Back 01.duf
TH Pose Back 02.duf
TH Pose Back 03.duf
TH Pose Back 04.duf
TH Pose Back 05 + Book.duf
TH Pose Back 06.duf
TH Pose Back 07.duf
TH Pose Back 08.duf
TH Pose Back 09.duf
TH Pose Back 10.duf
TH Pose Back 11.duf
TH Pose Back 12.duf
TH Pose Back 13.duf
TH Pose Back 14.duf
TH Pose Back 15.duf
TH Pose Back 16.duf
TH Pose Back 17 + Cutlass.duf
TH Pose Back 18.duf
TH Pose Back 19.duf
TH Pose Back 20.duf


TH Pose 00 Level 02.duf
TH Pose Bed 01.duf
TH Pose Bed 02.duf
TH Pose Bed 03.duf
TH Pose Bed 04.duf
TH Pose Bed 05.duf

Front Platform

TH Pose 00 Level 01 Front.duf
TH Pose Front 01.duf
TH Pose Front 02.duf
TH Pose Front 03.duf
TH Pose Front 04.duf
TH Pose Front 05 + Book.duf
TH Pose Front 06.duf
TH Pose Front 07.duf
TH Pose Front 08.duf
TH Pose Front 09.duf
TH Pose Front 10.duf
TH Pose Front 11.duf
TH Pose Front 12.duf
TH Pose Front 13.duf
TH Pose Front 14.duf
TH Pose Front 15.duf
TH Pose Front 16.duf
TH Pose Front 17 + Cutlass.duf
TH Pose Front 18.duf
TH Pose Front 19.duf
TH Pose Front 20.duf


TH Pose Stairs 01.duf
TH Pose Stairs 02.duf

DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Required Products:  
Treehouse for DS

3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio



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