Trophy for Genesis 8


The roar of the crowds, the elation of victory, and the shiny trophy that shows everyone who’s number 1! (or 2 or 3).

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Turn Genesis 8 Female and Male into Trophies for any occasion. This set comes with 3 types of trophy base, 5 individual props for popular trophies (football/soccer, barbell, bowling ball, microphone, and a cup), materials presets for Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies (Base, Props, and Genesis 8), shader presets to integrate other content with the same look and feel, and a podium to award the trophies on.

The shader presets come in 2 versions for each of Bronze, Silver, and Gold. One preset preserves the normal and bump maps of the surface to keep detail, and another removes it for a smoother finish. Shader presets are included to turn the metallic flakes effect on or off.

Wearable presets load the bases and props to the feet/hands of Genesis 8 Female or Male and preloads load the figure trophies into the left or right hands.

Because this is mostly shader-based, the render times are low, even with more than one trophy in the scene.

Grab this now and award your figures with the recognition they deserve!








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