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TS Streamlined Living Room

The TS Streamlined Living Room promotes a sense of openness by playing with scale where every element within serves a clear function. Although nothing in the room is too extravagant, the tasteful open area is still enjoyed by all who enter.

Details such as the exposed beams, sky high ceiling, wall panels and huge windows command the viewer’s attention, and natural light from the huge windows will lights the space up beautifully. Product comes with many props to personalize your space.

Enjoy the industrial apartment feel of rustic lofted space with the TS Streamlined Living Room.

What’s Included and Features

  • TS Streamlined Living Room (.DUF)
    • TS Streamlined Living Room Full Preload Set:
      • The door can be opened with limits
      • Ready to render
      • Emissive material for light bulbs and other lights
    • TSSLR Floor
    • TSSLR Ceiling
    • TSSLR Wall 01
    • TSSLR Wall 02
    • TSSLR Wall 03
    • TSSLR Wall 04
    • TSSLR Door
    • TSSLR Book Shelf
    • TSSLR Chandelier
    • TSSLR Cactus Plant
    • TSSLR Magazine
    • TSSLR Telescope
    • TSSLR Droplight 01
    • TSSLR Pillow
    • TSSLR Carpet
    • TSSLR Couch
    • TSSLR Computer
    • TSSLR Side Table
    • TSSLR Frame
    • TSSLR Book 01
    • TSSLR Book 02
    • TSSLR Book 03
    • TSSLR Wood Cargo
    • TSSLR Metal Clock
    • TSSLR Center Table
    • TSSLR Wall Frame
    • TSSLR Box
    • TSSLR Picture Frame 01
    • TSSLR Picture Frame 02
    • TSSLR Computer Table
    • TSSLR Shelf
    • TSSLR Stool
    • TSSLR Computer Chair
    • TSSLR Plant 01
    • TSSLR Bench
    • TSSLR Plant 02
    • TSSLR Plant 03
    • TSSLR Plant 04
    • TSSLR Heater

Compatible Figures:


Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.12

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install


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