Ultra Genesis Studio Vol 2 – Ring Flash


Welcome to the second installment of Ultra Genesis Studio – Ring and Disk Lights! So what is this all about? It’s about LIGHT. With Daz Studio’s Iray rendering we now have the ability to render in physically based environments. Ok, but what does that mean? Well it means that we can take lighting into the real world – with the correct tools and set ups we can replicate real world lighting.

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In this volume of the Studio we will be exploring studio style flash photography and ring light style portraits. We have expanded on the utility of this set by not only now including cameras with every rig, but also we have added guide props to the lights so that you can see where they are pointing in 3D Space.

High-quality textures and innovative ideas to leverage Poser’s rendering power – 32 bit displacement maps, separate colour and diffuse maps, custom-made specular and normal maps – offering extreme detail without extreme rendering overheads.









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