Urban Fashion T Shirt for GF8

Urban Fashion T-Shirt For Genesis 8 Female

T-Shirt Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s) with 150 textures options.
10 Textiles options and 17 Colors Textiles options.
100 Designs options 13 Color Print Text Option
10 Misc Options (Cut, ripped and tears)
1500 Possibilities.

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Urban Fashion T-Shirt is a fully customizable outfit .

Body morphs supported by Auto-follow.
Adjustment morphs included.

Character and Hair Background on images are NOT included!

This package contains:

1UFT T-Shirt G8F.duf

Materials Iray (.DUF)

1 – Choose your Textile

1UFT T-Shirt G8F Base.duf
1UFT T-Shirt G8F Cotton Jersey.duf
1UFT T-Shirt G8F Cotton Shorm.duf
1UFT T-Shirt G8F Fabric Rough.duf
1UFT T-Shirt G8F Fabric Simple.duf
1UFT T-Shirt G8F Knit.duf
1UFT T-Shirt G8F Laminated.duf
1UFT T-Shirt G8F Nylon.duf
1UFT T-Shirt G8F Polyester.duf
1UFT T-Shirt G8F Spandex.duf
2 – Choose your Color

0 Remove Color.duf
Blue 01.duf
Blue 02.duf
Green 01.duf
Green 02.duf
3 – Choose your Design
00 – OV Reset.duf
OV 001.duf
OV 002.duf
OV 003.duf
OV 004.duf
OV 005.duf
OV 006.duf
OV 007.duf
OV 008.duf
OV 009.duf
OV 010.duf
OV 011.duf
OV 012.duf
OV 013.duf
OV 014.duf
OV 015.duf
OV 016.duf
OV 017.duf
OV 018.duf
OV 019.duf
OV 020.duf
OV 021.duf
OV 022.duf
OV 023.duf
OV 024.duf
OV 025.duf
OV 026.duf
OV 027.duf
OV 028.duf
OV 029.duf
OV 030.duf
OV 031.duf
OV 032.duf
OV 033.duf
OV 034.duf
OV 035.duf
OV 036.duf
OV 037.duf
OV 038.duf
OV 039.duf
OV 040.duf
OV 041.duf
OV 042.duf
OV 043.duf
OV 044.duf
OV 045.duf
OV 046.duf
OV 047.duf
OV 048.duf
OV 049.duf
OV 050.duf
OV 051.duf
OV 052.duf
OV 053.duf
OV 054.duf
OV 055.duf
OV 056.duf
OV 057.duf
OV 058.duf
OV 059.duf
OV 060.duf
OV 061.duf
OV 062.duf
OV 063.duf
OV 064.duf
OV 065.duf
OV 066.duf
OV 067.duf
OV 068.duf
OV 069.duf
OV 070.duf
OV 071.duf
OV 072.duf
OV 073.duf
OV 074.duf
OV 075.duf
OV 076.duf
OV 077.duf
OV 078.duf
OV 079.duf
OV 080.duf
OV 081.duf
OV 082.duf
OV 083.duf
OV 084.duf
OV 085.duf
OV 086.duf
OV 087.duf
OV 088.duf
OV 089.duf
OV 090.duf
OV 091.duf
OV 092.duf
OV 093.duf
OV 094.duf
OV 095.duf
OV 096.duf
OV 097.duf
OV 098.duf
OV 099.duf
OV 100.duf
4 – Choose your Color Print Text
DOC Black.duf
DOC Blue 01.duf
DOC Blue 02.duf
DOC Green 01.duf
DOC Green 02.duf
DOC Grey.duf
DOC Pink 01.duf
DOC Pink 02.duf
DOC Purpple.duf
DOC Red 01.duf
DOC Red 02.duf
DOC White.duf
DOC Yellow 01.duf
DOC Yellow 02.duf
0 Sleeves Reset.duf
0 Top Reset.duf
Sleeves Shorts 01.duf
Sleeves Shorts 02.duf
Sleeves Shorts Ripped 01.duf
Sleeves Shorts Ripped 02.duf
Top Cut.duf
Top Ripped 01.duf
Top Ripped 02.duf
Top Ripped 03.duf
Top Ripped 04.duf

Textures Include:

260 Textures, specular, bump, normal and transparency maps (2048 x 2048 to 512 x 512 )

DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio



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