Visage Face Morphs for G8F

Contains 50 Morphs with many injections, Negative injections and remove presets.

Long Lashes
Brows Inner Up
Brows Outer Up
Cheekbones Increase
Cheeks Front Hollow
Cheeks Hollow
Chin Depth
Chin Narrow
Chin Pointy
Eyes Big
Eyes Browbone Defined
Eyes Inner Point Curve
Eyes Inner Together
Eyes Lids Defined
Eyes Lids Soften
Eyes Lower Lid Down
Eyes Outer Droop
Eyes Outer Point Curve
Eyes Pupils Dialate
Eyes Smile
Eyes Tilt
Eyes Under Eye Droop
Jaw Angled
Jaw Lift
Jaw Lower Thin
Lips Bottom Lip Curve
Lips Bottom Lip Dent
Lips Bottom Lip Out
Lips Outer Corners Pinch
Lips PurseNarrow
Lips Size
Lips Top Lip Centre Down
Lips Top Lip Centre Drop
Lips Top Lip Centre Gap
Lips Top Lip Cupid’s Bow
Lips Top Lip Curve
Lips Top Lip Plumped
Nose Curve Slope
Nose Length
Nose Narrow
Nose Nostrils Size
Nose Pinch
Nose Scale
Nose Tip Upturn
Nose Top Bridge Narrow
Nose Wings Fleshy
Nose Wings Twist
Septum Curve
Septum Thickness
Septum UpDown

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Injection, negatives and Removes have been included for most as presets,
but for best results, spin the dials. Morphs can be found under the
parameters tab, following the path:


You will need to know how to create one single dialled morph from this pack in
order to redistribute the shape. This is with exception of the single lashes morph.

DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio



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