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Wendie for Genesis 8 Females

MK Wendie is a custom-sculpted, cute Asian girl. She was inspired by Korean beauties, and is ready to be part of your K-Pop group, your lead actress, or just your girl-next-door.

All of Wendie’s makeup options are L.I.E. (Layered Image Editor) settings, so they can be used on any G8F or G3F character using the Base UV.

It is recommended that you use the fibermesh eyebrows along with the textured brows for the most realistic results. However, a no-brow face option is also available if you want to use your own L.I.E. or fibermesh brows.

MK Wendie is an Iray-only product. For 3Dl, please check out semwy and Oso3D’s free IrayTo3Delight conversion script, or vyktohria’s Convert It! – Iray to 3DL Characters (—iray-to-3dl-characters/…), or RSSY Iray to 3Delight Converter and Merchant Resource (DAZ).

Items used in the promos are listed in the Readme file.

1 Character Load, 1 Character Dial, 1 Head Morph Dial, 1 Body Morph Dial
(and corresponding shaping presets)
1 Iray mat Complete (default)
1 No-brow face option
6 eye color options
5 LIE blush options
5 LIE eyeshadow options
3 LIE eyeliner options
5 LIE lipstick options
6 fingernail color options
1 fibermesh brow with 1 color option
1 eyelash color option

Material options:
Daz3D Studio Iray (.duf)

Tested solely in DAZ and on PC. Not tested on MAC, Poser, etc.

DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Characters for Poser and Daz Studio

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