Yve for Alawa 8


She’s short, she’s sassy, and boy does she love colors!

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Meet Yve, she channels a little bit avant-garde, and a little bit Twiggy, but she has her style and she loves it. With bold eyeshadows and an exotic ‘cat eye’ that can be customized to suit your artwork needs, Yve is sure to bring a little wild to your renders.

Yve LOVES her bright colors and metallic lips, but she also knows how to calm it down for an elegant night out in a modern world. Because of this, Yve also has a natural lipstick and eyeshadow setup. All of Yve’s makeups are on a geometry shell, so they can be used on all of your favorite Genesis 3 and 8 Females!

If you’re on the hunt for someone a little different, add Yve to your library today!

Required Products: Alawa 8









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