Get In the Ring Wrestling Bundle


Kwan is a lifelong fighter, expert wrestler and mixed martial artist, excelling equally in strength and showmanship.

Known across fighting organizations as the go-to fighter for wild stunts and memorable characters, he fully embraces the ridiculous, colorful side of wrestling. No character is too absurd for Kwan 8, hero or “heel”, so long as he’s entertaining for the audience.

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From the outrageous luchador to the back alley street fighter, Kwan 8 and other Genesis 8 Males will be ready to rock your renders with the Back in the Ring Wrestling Bundle!

This bundle includes Jing for Kwan 8, two Wrestler’s Outfits with bonus Texture packs for each, outrageous Hair, two complete Pose sets, a Wrestler’s Expressions pack, and two awesome bonuses — a brand spanking new Arena to fight in, and new (and awesome) Wrestling Animations.

Get ready to wrestle with the Back in the Ring Wrestling Bundle!




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