HF3D dForce Twilight Maiden for G8/8.1F and G9


Twilight Maiden is a comprehensive new outfit for your DAZ models. There are 2 base styles for every individual piece, as well as various texture shaders to apply your choice of colors. The set contains a total of 12 items, and some items have multiple base shapes for different looks.

Textures are mostly 4k and most pieces come with a small number of compatibility morphs for existing G8F and G9 shapes and adjustments. Other shapes are supported by auto-follow. All pieces have adjustment morphs, as well as a few additional helper morphs.

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The set includes:

dForce Cloak
dForce Skirt
Closed Mini-jacket
dForce Open Mini-jacket
Pasties with 6 shape styles
Garter Straps
High Heeled Sandals
dForce Ear Chain

Corset shape morphs for both G8F and G9.

Additional figures used in promo shots::
Sukai 8 by Morris and Thorne
Verity for Genesis 8 Female by Jessaii and Raziel
Kanako for Kayo 8 by Jessaii
MGAB Olivia for Genesis 8.1 Female by MarcosGAB

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 8.1 Female, Genesis 9

Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Footwear for Daz Studio and Poser



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