Plunge Pool


Welcome to the Plunge Pool!

This large outdoor set was hand sculpted to give the look of a secret plunge pool that’s ideal to play in when summer comes

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The scene is set includes cliffs on 3 sides and a slightly overgrown grassland area leading to the plunge pool. But be careful before you jump in – there are submerged rocks beneath the surface of the water!

The Plunge Pool is a majestic waterfall and beautiful a stream leading away for all of your paradises, vacation, and tropical getaway needs.


During the creation of this set the water was created using physics fluid simulation so that the flow of the water was as realistic as possible. Look closely and you will see that the flow of the water against the rocks gives accurate way the water would react to the terrain

The scene was created with everyone in mind so the individual layers of detail have been exported as props to allow you to turn them off or on at will to make your render times more manageable.

Included are also 7 separate camera positions to get you started.

As you will see from the included wireframe, the scene also with several types of grass and plants along with butterflies flying around to add extra detail to your renders.

What’s Included and Features

  • Plunge Pool (.DUF)
  • Full scene subset ready to render. Just add your favorite HDRI
  • Props:
    • Plunge Pool
      • The core scene including the cliffs ground and bowl area that the water falls into
    • Waterfall
      • Plunge Pool Water- the main water of the pool area and the river water. little extra height added to the model so you can simulate more volume of water
    • Riverbed Grass
      • Grass that follows the edge of the river
    • River Reeds
      • Extra plant life along the river edge to help add interest
    • Clovers
      • Small clumps of foliage spread through the grass area to add texture
    • Grass 1
      • Small tuffs of weedy grass that sticks up into the air to add depth at any angle
    • Grass 2
      • Alternate grass type to Grass 1 with different scattering to give a more wild look
    • Buttercups
      • Small yellow flowers ideal for a wild meadow spread through the grassed areas
    • Daisys
      • The same idea as the buttercups to draw the eye and give more depth to the scene only these are small white flowers
    • Large Ferns
      • These are in place to give height to the foliage and are growing where they would naturally grow which is along edges and near water
    • Butterflies 1
      • These are flying all over the scene to add interest but quite a mottled color so as not to distract too much
    • Butterflies 2
      • These are a lush blue color and designed to catch the eye
    • Cameras:
      • 7 Camera Positions
    • Textures Include
      • 73 Texture, Bump, Glossiness, Normal, Transparency and Reflection Maps (388 x 230 to 4096 x 4096)
    • Optimized for Daz Studio Iray

Compatible Figures:


Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.12

Install Types:

Daz Connect DIM Manual Install




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