Sensual Onepiece

Sensual Onepice is a tighty and showy onepiece for Genesis 8 Female(s).’

Product Includes

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09 Material Style Presets Sensual Onepiece Top for Genesis 8 Female (.duf)
03 Lace Presets Sensual Onepiece Top for Genesis 8 Female (.duf)

Adjustment Morphs Onepiece
Adjust_All Front Back.dsf
Adjust_Back Lower.dsf
Adjust_Back Upper.dsf
Adjust_Lower Legs Tightness.dsf
Adjust_Pelvis Bottom.dsf
Adjust_Pelvis Front.dsf
Adjust_Sides Top.dsf
Adjust_Thighs Inside.dsf
Adjust_Thighs Outside.dsf
Adjust_Thights Back.dsf
Adjust_Thights Front.dsf
Adjust_Top Tightness.dsf

For a more detailed list of included items check the file.

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