Simply Grass – Grass Plants and Clumps


This bundle of over 20 different grasses simply does what it says on the tin!

Simply Grass – Grass Plants and Clumps is a selection of patches of grass, from spare to thick, large and small, that can be used alone or together with other products to create a realistic lawn, meadow, field or sward.

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Relatively low polygon counts make this great for use in instancing and not too heavy for your rendering, whilst the subtly different color combinations of the blades and clumps and a slight variance in scale coupled with various y rotational settings mean that you can easily create a medium-short (un-cut) lawn or grassy patch.

Perfect for the places the imperfect lawn bundle is just a bit too short for, Simply Grass will mix in seamlessly with this and other plant bundles to allow you to create great textural renders with realistic grass!

Simply Grass – Grass Plants and Clumps is (simply) a must-have bundle for Daz Studio, whether for close-up renders or as part of a larger scene!

What’s Included and Features

  • Simply Grass – Grass Plants and Clumps (.DUF)
    • WFSG02 Grass Patch 01a
    • WFSG02 Grass Patch 01b
    • WFSG02 Grass Patch 01c
    • WFSG02 Grass Patch 02a
    • WFSG02 Grass Patch 02b
    • WFSG02 Grass Patch 02c
    • WFSG02 Grass Patch 03a
    • WFSG02 Grass Patch 03b
    • WFSG02 Grass Patch 03c
    • WFSG02 Grass Patch 04a
    • WFSG02 Grass Patch 04b
    • WFSG02 Grass Patch 04c
    • WFSGO2 Grass Patch 05a
    • WFSGO2 Grass Patch 05b
    • WFSGO2 Grass Patch 05c
    • WFSGO2 Grass Patch 06a
    • WFSGO2 Grass Patch 06b
    • WFSGO2 Grass Patch 06c
    • WFSGO2 Grass Patch 07a
    • WFSGO2 Grass Patch 07b
    • WFSGO2 Grass Patch 07c
    • WFSGO2 Grass Patch 08a
    • WFSGO2 Grass Patch 08b
    • WFSGO2 Grass Patch 08c
  • Materials Iray:
    • WFSG02-Green 01
    • WFSG02-Green 02
    • WFSG02-Green 03
  • Textures Include:
    • 6 Textures, Base Color, Bump, Displacement, Glossiness, Normal, Specular, and Transparency Maps (1000 x 1000)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)



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