Small wine set


The set is including:

– the classic Bordeaux bottle, the testing wine glass, the natural cork, and the cloth napkin,
– 18 material presets for:
– bottle (2 colors of bottle glass, 3 colors of wine, 4 labels and caps for the bottle, 3 wine levels in the bottle, cap removal, and label/cap set removal),
– and glass (3 colors of wine),
– 6 hand poses (left and right hands for Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 8 Male and Genesis 9),
– 2 morphs for tilting (from 0 to 80 degrees) and rotating (from -180 to 180 degrees) wine in the glass.

Try Bluehost its fast

Also added to the archive PSD file for self-creation the bottle label and cap set. Max size of the label image is 700×700 px.

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 8 Male, Genesis 9

Software: Daz Studio 4

Props for Daz Studio and Poser



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