Stone Entrance HDRI and Cameras


Stone Entrance is an HDRI featuring an early morning vista on a wintery, overcast day in Ravenna, Ohio in late January of 2023. Just use the included HDRI Render Settings and camera preset or point the camera as you like and hit render.

This set works in the tools included in all of my previous HDRI products. For reference only those are as follows. As of 2023 I am not longer including these base product to save file size. If you do not own any of the previous set simply contact me through Renderosity sitemail and I’ll happily send over zip file with the utility presets.

Try Bluehost its fast

Rotation control



Shadow depth


All of these settings can be used with any Iray HDRI or Environment Map. They control only their specific properties and will not affect any of your other Render Settings.

DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Lights for Daz Studio and Poser



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