WkD3D Estrid for G8F


WkD3D Estrid is a versatile character for Genesis 8 Female. She can be a fair skinned Scandinavian blonde, or a freckled celtic redhead. She also comes with 2 woad facepaints – perfect for turning her into a fearsome rampaging dark age warrior queen! From medieval, to steampunk and sci-fi, she can fit right into any genre.

Her textures include 5 eye colors, 10 eye makeup options, 10 lipstick colors, 2 warrior face paints, fibermesh brows with 4 color presets, a lip gloss option and 12 fingernail and toenail colors. Also included is a bonus genital morph which can be used if you don’t own the Genesis 8 Female Anatomical Elements.

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Materials optimized for Nvidia Iray.


Complete Character Preset:
WkD3D Estrid.duf

Morph Options:
WkD3D Estrid Head (Apply/Remove)
WkD3D Estrid Body (Apply/Remove)
WkD3D Estrid Navel (Applies/Removes the Genesis 8 navel morph)
WkD3D Estrid Nipples (Apply/Remove)
WkD3D Estrid Fingernails (Apply/Remove)
WkD3D Estrid Gens Morph (Apply/Remove)

Material Presets:
WkD3D Estrid Full Mats
WkD3D Estrid Gens Mats for G8F Anatomical Elements
4 Brow Color Presets for Fibermesh Brows
5 Eye Colors
10 Eye Makeups + 2 Full Face Warrior Makeups
10 Lipstick Colors
12 Nail/Toenail Colors
Lips Gloss (Apply/Remove)


Promo Credits:
OOT IrayPair Hair Shaders for DAZ Studio Iray by outoftouch
dForce Fancy Punk Genesis 8 Females by zoro_d
WkD3D Makiko for G8F

Software: Β 
DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Characters for Poser and Daz Studio



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