Zoey For Genesis 8 Females

Introducing Zoey, Loki’s newest edition to his Geneisis 8 Females catalog!

My children have always loved to watch me create my characters and they also love to pester me to let them help create one! So, using a series of questions ranging from “What would her favorite color be?” to “Look at this chart, what shape should her face be?” this is the result from one of my lil ones “Cheeka” that she has named Zoey.

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“Cheeka” inspired the look and personality of Zoey, helping pick and or guide the facial and body features, picked out the base skin tones and helped pick out the clothing and hairs used in the promo images.

As described by “Cheeka” Zoey is in her mid 20’s and is a fashion model who loves fall and camping, her favorite colors are blue and white, she loves dogs and her favorite food is Tacos!

(I’m also supposed to mention that “Cheeka” will be getting a cut of every sale of Zoey… OR ELSE!)

Zoey comes with all of the following:

1 custom head morph dial
1 custom body morph dial

1 add head shape preset
1 remove head shape preset
1 add body shape preset
1 remove body shape preset
1 add all shape preset
1 remove all shape preset

1 Fibermesh eyebrows with 8 color presets

2 skin sets (Default & Freckled skin)
1 Daz annatomical elements preset (works with both skin sets)
2 Pubic hair presets (one for each skin set)
2 Remove Pubic Hair Presets (one for each skin set)

9 eye color presets + 1 DIY preset to make any color you wish
6 eyelash presets
7 lipgloss presets
11 fingernail and matching toenail presets
25 L.I.E. presets including: 5 blushes, 6 eyeliners and 14 eyeshadows
1 round nail morph with 3 size presets
1 square nail morph with 3 size presets

If you’re looking for a fall beauty who loves the outdoors (or indoors relaxing) make sure you add her to your Runtime today!

Software: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Characters for Poser and Daz Studio



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